Monday should be a big day in American history. President Obama is expected to unveil new regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power, and expectations run high — if the New York Times got it right, we are now going to see some seriously awesome action. If that proves to be the case (knock on wood), I’ll return to the Obama bandwagon.

In the meantime — unlike the Chamber of Commerce, which has already declared a jobocalypse I do not want to discuss the rule until I actually see it — let’s see what the President himself says about the rules:

It’s pretty good, but here’s a summary if you’re in a hurry:

1) The use of dirty energy in power plants is a major source of climate change and air pollution.

2) Carbon regulations in the power sector will produce major environmental and health benefits, especially for the most vulnerable Americans.

3) Economic costs will be relatively low, largely thanks to technological innovation.

All three claims seem correct to me – well done!